Czech Tourist Club Tábor

The Tábor section of the KČT (Czech Tourist Club) was established on 28th January 1893. Its independent existence was interrupted after February 1948 and it was incorporated into socialistic sports organisation. After return of democracy, the Czech Tourist Club inclusive of our section has become independent again on 22th June 1990.

Our tourist instructors prepare hiking, cycling and cross country skiing tours for both members of the KČT Tábor, members of other KČT sections and the public. The climbers are organised in the departement Trek. Also group educational and sight-seeing excursions and family hiking are an integral part of our activities.

The markers of our section maintain 630 km of hiking routes and 460 km of cycling routes within the Tábor region. In addition to it, they look after a part of the hiking tours in Šumava (Bohemian Mountains) - round the town of Vimperk, the village Borová Lada, hills Bučina and Boubín.

Since 1978 visitors to Tábor have enjoyed the Educational and Health Trail through the historic part of the City of Tábor marked with the green local marking Green local marking , the plan of which is available in the Tourist Information Centre in the main square. On 20th April 2001 the 10 km long IVV-city trail Through Hussite Tábor was added to our offer to the visitors of Tábor.

On 18th May 2002 the regional tourist badge Through Chalice Country was issued on the occasion of the 5th year of the Tábor trail of the march Prague-Prčice to replace the previous well-known regional tourist badge Tábor Region dated from the eighties. In 2005 another regional tourist badge Along the River Lužnice will be introduced that you will obtain after wandering through tourist points that map a total course of the river Lužnice within territory of the Czech Republic and Austria.

Our members collaborate on edition of tourist maps 1 : 50000 publishing by the KČT that are related to the Tábor region.

Our section organises the traditional march Husitským krajem (Through Hussite Country) each year since 1975. Since 1998 a trail of the Prague-Prčice March has been restored with starting point in Tábor together with organising other interesting hikes, e.g., Běží liška k Táboru (A Fox Runs to Tábor). Since 2001 the IVV-city trail Through Hussite Tábor together with the march Through Hussite Country and the hike A Fox Runs to Tábor form a May IVV-Weekend in the Hussite Country.On 21st May 2005 we prepare the first run of the new trail of the march Prague-Prčice with starting point in Mladá Vožice on the occasion of the 40th year of this march.

We try to prepare outings and group hikes for all weekends and public holidays (with the exception of 24th December). During summer holidays, we organise one weekend activity at least and offer motor-coach excursions and several-day hiking, cycling and mountain tours.

Our seniors regularly meet on Thursdays to go for outings, almost in the environs of Tábor.

The KČT Tábor is the owner and runner of the Hýlačka Lookout Tower

You can contact us to e-mail or to the address:

KČT Tábor
Fügnerova 822
CZ-390 02  Tábor